What we do


We sell stuff related to space colonization and sustainable living (same thing!). Some of it is just stuff -- clothing, art, jewelry, whatever it takes to get you in the mood to explore the galaxy.

Some of it is real spaceworks, and costs a lot. Some of it is potentially real spaceworks, and costs a little.

This is your frontier spot, a place not only for space adventures, space tours, and space training with outfits like Virgin Galactic, XCOR, Space-X, and Zero-G, but also lots of details about how you can make a space colony, or a planet, self-sustaining.

Here you will find out where to buy microturbines and fuel cells that work on natural gas, or septic gas -- recycling waste into carbon dioxide and water for plants, electrical power and warm exhaust for heating and cooling (yes, cooling). We’ll talk about food -- not just any food, but great food. We’ll investigate techniques for minimizing environmental impacts, because on space habitats we call that life support. We’ll talk about health, medicine, architecture, art (space patches, flags, posters, for example), and life from an alien perspective, making Spacefarers’ Alien Landscapes your source of gear for the high frontier.

Welcome! Let’s kick the tires and light the fires, go for ignition, lift off, up ship, or however you say these things on your planet.
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