Tucson does not have one, unless you count melodrama and pizza. We're thinking high-tech, intimate, quality, themed dining and entertainment. The theme: The Great Frontier (wild west, swashbuckling high seas in the age of sail, the last frontier, the final frontier) featuring film and collectibles from every era, whether they are steering by the stars or flying among them. Just pick your (digital) entertainment and make your dining choices. Your environment is made soundproof by active interference technology. Your salad and seafood comes from aquaponic gardens in the daylight room (where meals are also served). There is an Icon networking juice bar, where you can gaze upon the icon of your choice (tall ships to starships) and share your experiences and aspirations with like-minded people.

If you create it, find it, or just want to kick ideas around, send us e-mail at admin@alienlandscapes.biz, or visit The League of the Brick Moon on Facebook.