Investor Relations Director

Investor Relations Director
At SpaceFarers, we are assembling a team to build a space colony theme park, starting with local events in Tucson.  Our mission is to merge the concepts of space colonization and sustainability in the minds of our guests, giving them something of value to take away from playtime. Meanwhile, we promote vendors’ businesses in an interactive, imaginative, and immersive venue full of art and action that makes visitors crave what they offer.  3D art in the form of props, set pieces, and window dressing for real technology is an essential part of the process.

As SpaceFarers' team member, you will learn and bring to bear extraordinary skills in technical imagination, communication, and showmanship. You will become a consensus-builder, leading the way to the high frontier using stagecraft as a tool, and you will educate others in the application of this new art. You will have the option to work full or part time, wherever you are. Ultimately, you may well save the world, but to do this, you must have a passion to deliver the freedom of spacefaring to the rest of us. And you must start with compensation limited to a piece of the action.

The Investor Relations Director will research and explore avenues to finance projects and characterize our profit-making potential for financial partners. The director will also help investors to identify offerings that lie on the path to space colonization, or can have a role in making such an endeavor an organizing principle of life on Earth. Engage these people with our team, and convince them of the merits of a marketing and product test environment that is more than three quarters entertainment, yet key to profit and market penetration.

Instruction to interested parties:
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