Who: Photographers, videographers, storytellers, filmmakers, game masters, costumers, writers, and performers.

What: A photographic Live Action Role Playing event, or photoLARP, is a lot like shooting a movie. You could be shooting a movie, but the business model here is to produce and sell to clients high-quality still photographs for use as dramatic portraits, or as Internet avatars, or as additions to a performer’s portfolio, or as advertising for clothing, or as illustrations for a book ... The list is endless.

Where: City streets, parks, college campuses, museums, laboratories, hotels, anywhere that makes an interesting background for the story and that you can use for free (unless your client is willing to pay for access).

When: First you will need a plan, a location, a story line, maybe a script. When you have those elements, you may begin.

Why: You might be doing it to make money or to have fun (the two are not incompatible).

We are suggesting it because we want you to use a particular kind of story line involving the mysterious and sometimes dangerous activities of a secret organization of humans from a distant colony in space. The members possess an advanced space flight capability, maybe even star flight, and come from a hidden outpost, perhaps on the far side of the moon, or the far side of Earth’s orbit, obscured by the sun. They engage in discrete missions to Earth for recruiting (not kidnapping) and extracting people possessing specific abilities which they need. It could be any skill, but the key requirement is that the targeted individuals have exceptional ability. The extraction teams are opposed by employers, by families, by police, by the FBI (CIA, NSA, GBU, NCIS, whatever). And of course, it is imperative that their true origin and purpose remain unknown to all except a select few. They call themselves “Exiterrestrials.”

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